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        JDB-2A/2B Type Static gounding alarm

      JDB-2A型/2B型 靜電接地報警器

      Product Characteristics:
      JDB-2AType Stationary
      JDB-2BType Stationary Totally enclosed
      (The product uses the lithium battery, takes the closed type continuous work for four years, needs not to replace the battery, the performance is reliable)
      Usable range:all kinds of automobiles,tank cars,etc.,gas stations,oilstorage,paint factories,medicine factories,alcohol factories.
      Disposable complete shut-off type static grounding alarm has the advantage of low electricity consumption and on duty all the time automatically. Static state electricity consumption:0.012mA.Working current at the time of alarming:1.4mA.

      New product Knowledge Introduce

      stainless steel
      5L Portble
      JDB-3Type Mobile