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        JDB-3A/3B Type Static gounding alarm

      JDB-3A型/3B型 靜電接地報警器

      Product Characteristics::
      JDB-3AType Mobile
      JDB-3BType Mobile full closed
      The product is intrinsically safe electrical equipment, with good alarm performance.
      Explosion-proof maark:Exia Ⅱ CT4 GB
      Usable range:all kinds of automobiles,tank cars,etc.,gas stations,oilstorage,paint factories,medicine factories,alcohol factories.
      Disposable complete shut-off type static grounding alarm has the advantage of low electricity consumption and on duty all the time automatically. Static state electricity consumption:0.012mA.Working current at the time of alarming:1.4mA.

      New product Knowledge Introduce

      stainless steel
      5L Portble
      JDB-3Type Mobile