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        Integrative electrostatic grounding alarm

      Integrative electrostatic grounding alarm

      Product Characteristics:
      Scope of use:
      1. Mobile storage tanks for various car tankers;
      2. Gas stations, paint plants, refineries, chemical plants and other places requiring static grounding protection;
      3. Oil spill electrostatic protector with anti-spill and interlocking function is recommended to be used in places with high frequency of use such as oil depots.
      Performance characteristics:
      1. Ultra-low power design, no need to replace batteries during normal use;
      2. No switch operation, 24 hours automatic duty;
      3. Use button to control digital tube to display the value of grounding resistance in real time.
      4. The alarm is displayed by buzzer and LED lamp.
      5. The appearance of cable is made of special rubber, which has strong resistance to high and low temperature, corrosion and oil.
      6. The alarm keeps alarming for 1 minute and then enters the power-saving dormancy state. The line will be restored to normal once it is reconnected.
      7. The circuit is completely sealed with epoxy resin, moisture-proof, rust-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-vibration.
      8. The clamp body of the alarm adopts ergonomic design to enhance the grip feeling, and can effectively break down the barrier of paint and rust to ensure the reliable grounding of the car body.
      9. Guarantee that the resistance from the car body to the grounding pile is not more than 60_ (less than 100_according to the national standard).
      10. The length of cable is 5 m, which can be customized according to customers'needs.
      Technical parameters:
      1. Response time: <2S (Internal Dry Resistance Design)
      2. Alarm volume: > 90dB (30cm linear distance measurement)
      3. Working voltage: 3.6V
      4. Battery model: ER14250
      5. Working Temperature: -40 ~+60 Temperature
      6. Explosion-proof sign: Exia IICT4 Ga

      Detailed description
      Digital tube resistance display
      Resistance display range: 0-100_over 100_, showing "OLH"
      LED Indicator Lamp
      More than 60 Omega, flashing red light
      Resistance display button
      Click, the digital tube shows the current resistance value for 2 seconds
      Over 60_, emit "drip" and "drip" alarm sound. After alarming for 1 minute, it will sleep automatically.
      Cable line interface
      Connect UT2.8-4 or cable directly

      New product Knowledge Introduce

      stainless steel
      5L Portble
      JDB-3Type Mobile