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        QJ-SW026 Hand held digital thermometer

      QJ-SW026 Hand-held digital thermometer


      QJ-SW026 Hand-held digital thermometer:Instructions

      Qj-sw026 hand-held digital thermometer is a special sensor linearization technology. The sensor can be interchanged, with stable performance, high accuracy and wide temperature measurement range. It has the characteristics of large screen LCD, power saving, cheap battery and easy to replace。
      一、Technical parameter:
      Explosion proof sign: Exia ⅡB T4 Ga
      Measuring range: ﹣50-130℃;
      Resolving power:0.1℃;
      Power Supply:Only Toshiba can be used R6PKG SIZE AA 1.5V One No.5 high performance carbon battery。
      Do not replace batteries in hazardous locations!
      Use environment: -30-60℃; Power waste:5mA Outline size:132*70*26mm
      二、Simple operation:
      1、Install the battery: unscrew the bottom battery box cover, place the specified battery in the direction of "+, -" marked on the instrument shell, and tighten the battery cover。
      2、Plug in the sensor: insert the sensor plug into the sensor interface at the bottom of the instrument in the direction of alignment。
      3、Start up: press the on / off key to start up, and the temperature will be displayed.
      4、Temperature measurement: insert the sensor into the prediction material, and then read after the instrument displays stably. The measurement time will be different depending on the measured object, the measured part and the ambient temperature, about a few seconds or tens of seconds. The liquid temperature measurement is fast, and the length of the protective tube should be more than ten times of that of the sensitive part (most of the elements are within 10 mm of the front end of the sensor protective tube) into the measured object。
      5、When the icon of insufficient battery appears on the upper corner of LCD, the battery shall be replaced in time, otherwise the measurement accuracy will be affected.
      三、Matters needing attention:
      1、The measured temperature shall not exceed the indicated temperature range。
      2、Electromagnetic field environment may interfere. Do not measure charged objects。
      3、When it is used for strong alkali and acid substances, the sensor shall be additionally protected。
      4、The instrument should be verified in one year。
      四、Warranty period
      The product warranty period is 12 months, and three guarantees are implemented within the warranty period。

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